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In spring time Valais is awash with white,

a sea of beautiful white blossoms : Apricot orchards –  Saillon Asparagus – Pheasant’s eye

The fertile soil and the unique microclimate has allowed Valais to become the “cradle of Swiss fruit production”. In fact, Valais is the biggest and most important Swiss fruit producing region. At the beginning of April, the first Magnolia buds mark the beginning of the transformation of the valley into an ocean of white blossom.

Pheasant’s eye (Adonis vernalis) – The wild flowers from the Russian Steppe

You can find this rare flower between the villages of Saxon, Charrat anf Fully. Valais is the only region in Switzerland where you can find this lovely yellow flowering plant. The best time to enjoy the magnificent carpet of yellow flowers is by walking along the “Adonis Path” Pheasant Eye Trail between the beginning of March and the end of May.

Orchards and Fruit Festivals

The ocean of blossoming Apricot, Cherry, Apple and pear orchards presents for a short time a picturesque contrast to the white mountain peaks and blue skies of springtime Valais. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the many local markets, a center point of traditional Valais social life. Here you can not only meet the Valais farmers but also sample and buy their wonderful produce.

Saillon Asparagus

The soft warming rays of springtime sunshine mean that the harvest of the first springtime Saillon asparagus is not too far away. The area surrounding the village of Saillon provide perfect conditions for the growth of top quality asparagus with its unique subtle and delicate flavor.

Try this gorgeous vegetabe at the annual Asparagus market festival. Enjoy….

Bon appétit !

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